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Household water, when boiled for drinking or cooking, often turns cloudy like rice water or has a white residue that settles on the bottom of the appliance after boiling. Why does this happen and how does limescale affect water quality and family health? Let's find out now with the BRITA Vietnam Water Purifier.

Why do water deposits occur?

Water with a white residue is caused by the hardness of the water. After boiling, the bottom of the cooking equipment such as pots and pans often has a layer of milky white lime layer. This is the result of deposition. The reason is that tap water in many localities often contains high concentrations of Ca+ and Mg+ ions. If the total amount of these substances exceeds the allowable limit (50mg/L), it will cause the above phenomenon. Hardness is divided into 2 types: Due to Carbonate and Bicarbonate salts, Mg accounts for the main component. This salt easily settles on the ground when boiled and includes: Temporary hardness and permanent hardness.


Effects of water containing lime scale on users' health

Although calcium is an essential element for health, especially for strong bones, in fact, many of us are often afraid of using water with white residue, limescale when boiled, which could affect health and possibly death. But this thinking is completely wrong. This phenomenon does not affect health, on the contrary, it brings unexpected benefits when used. However, if using calcium-contaminated water beyond the allowable limit, users are more susceptible to dangerous diseases such as kidney stones or gallstones...


Effects of water containing limescale on quality of life

Although water with lime does not have a too big impact on health, it seriously affects the quality of life of the family.

  • Using hard water to make tea, coffee, cook food, etc., the food is difficult to soften, reducing the taste of the dish, the essence of tea, coffee does not dissolve in water…
  • Hard water causes yellowing and damage to home appliances.
  • Hard water is difficult to freeze, so it cannot be used as ice.
  • When using hard water in pressure cookers, at high temperature, Ca(HCO3)2 will be decomposed to CaCO3 by a thermal decomposition process called Pyrolosis. By this an insulation layer is formed at the bottom of the pot, making the pot a poor conductor of heat. On the other hand, it also seals the safety valve holes, so while cooking, the steam cannot escape. Thus, the pressure in the pot increases, which can cause an dangerous explosion and fire.


How to remove water deposits in daily life?

There are many ways to remove lime scale in water, but the fastest, most cost-effective and time-saving solution is to use filter cartridges containing ion-exchange resins, such as BRITA's MAXTRA+ filters. With a structure consisting Hydrogen ion exchange resins and coconut shell activated carbon, BRITA's water filter does not need electricity to help you remove limescale in the water. As a result, dishes or daily drinks such as tea and coffee, when prepared with filtered water from BRITA, always retain their pure taste, increasing their tastiness and the longevity of home cooking appliances.


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