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Making milk for your baby every day seems simple, but it comes with many important principles to ensure nutrition and safety for the baby. If you do not pay attention to the three advices, milk can lose nutrients and become less safe for your baby.

1. Source of water to make milk for babies

Mothers should note that the water used to make baby milk must be boiled filtered water. Before boiling, the water must be filtered with a BRITA water filter, using a MAXTRA+ filter element to remove harmful impurities such as copper, lead and lime scale that affect the kettle. Mothers should not use plain, purified or mineral water.

Currently, many mothers think that using mineral water to make milk for their babies is more convenient and better as they do not have to boil it. However, this will change the nutritional structure of the formula. In addition, the baby's digestive system is not as complete as an adult's, so it cannot easily metabolize the minerals in the water successfully. If you use mineral water to mix milk for your baby for a long time, it becomes more likely to form dangerous kidney stones.


2. Accurate milk temperature

The average milk-mix temperature in formula milk varies around 40-50 degrees Celsius. Mothers need to refer to the specific instructions for use with each type of milk to ensure that the milk is mixed at the specified temperature.

This is because some types of milk contain small amounts of vitamins that are sensitive to heat. High temperatures will destroy the structure of these vitamins, losing nutrients in milk. In addition, when using formula milk with probiotics added to it, too hot can also kill these beneficial bacteria (probiotics).


3. The best way to prepare the milk

The way to mix milk seems to have no long-term effect on the baby, but it can be harmful to the baby's digestive system if not done properly.

When preparing milk, you should never add water after pouring milk into the bottle. Instead, you should pour boiling water into the baby's bottle first. Then wait about 5-10 minutes until the boiling water cools down to the needed milk temperature according to the manufacturer's instructions of baby powder. When pouring powder in, mothers need to pay attention to close the lid of the bottle and then use both palms to press the sides of the bottle and rub it evenly. Do not use a spoon, chopsticks to stir or shake vigorously because it will cause the milk to foam up, which is not good for the baby's digestive system.

Additionally: When filtering water with a BRITA water filter, all harmful impurities such as copper and lead will be removed while minimizing limescale when boiling, keeping the delicious milk flavor for your baby to enjoy. Contact us for advice and order products right away to ensure that your baby drinks nutritious and safe milk every day!


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